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RT @Lux_magazine: Lighting The Cathedral: HSBC’s atrium reimagined @mindseye3d @illuminatio
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Lines & Dots by Goula/Figuera

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Mindseye project - HSBC Hong Kong Mindseye and Illumination Physics have revamped the façade lighting at Norman Foster’s HSBC headquarters building in Hong Kong and incorporated three large media walls which can be seen from across Victoria Harbour

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Mindseye and Illumination Physics have revamped the façade lighting at Norman Foster’s HSBC HQ in Hong Kong
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MIndseye feature in Lux review online: Mindseye relights HSBC in Hong Kong
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Carlo Bernardini | TRIANGULATION

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punte1.png (351×846)

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Neon Golden replicates swarm of fireflies with light installation

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tait design precision mobile

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rcr_arquitectes_bodegas_bell_lloc_08 « Landscape Architecture Works | Landezine

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BlackWalls_9264 | by

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Newport Street Gallery by Caruso St John for Damien Hirst

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Mindseye proving that they are on a tight deadline today!!
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Through the Looking Glass - Adam Belt

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KSA Vienna ’09: Dessau [IMG] | Evan Chakroff

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Designjunction promotion

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Transition; Warm/Wet

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F&O Fabforgottennobility � nickelsonwooster: Pure. fiore-rosso: santiago...

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Looking forward to the Darc Award tomorrow night #darcawards... good luck to the Mindseye team for their shortlisted project Grain of Rice.
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Olafur Eliasson, Beauty, 1993, This art work is a wall of water which has a light projected onto it. In order to get the full effect of the art you have to be there and be able to move around it. The art shows how water diffracts light and shows the spectrum of colours that make up a white light. I guess the artist is trying to show the wonders of nature by recreating what would be a rainbow. It's bringing something you see only when the weather condition is perfect to a permanent state.

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a make a light from a clear plastic bottle and bleach fitted in a roof,

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Miami Airport, glass tiles artwork by Christopher Janney

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Just stunning - Caravaggio. Detail from 'The Denial of St. Peter'. A master of Chiaroscuro.

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Photo: Florian Holzherr

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arturo erbsman presents solar lamp series at maison et objet

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Interior Remodeling of St. Moritz Church / John Pawson

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Teahouse,© Ester Havlová

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bulbing collection designboom 1

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Mindseye Illuminates Monumental Sculptures

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RT @illumni_blog: Mindseye Illuminates ‘Grain of Rice Sculpture’ at HSBC, Hong Kong : illumni – The World Of...
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casa PLS corde architetti associati designboom

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coordination asia installs 'the NIKE studio' within beijing art gallery

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Pitsou Kedem combines four apartments to create penthouse

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mischer'traxler london design festival designboom

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Calling all Lighting Designers - have you cast you vote for Mindseye yet?! We're finalists, but want to be winners!
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Time-sensitive activity • Exhibition • Studio Olafur Eliasson

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kubo tsushima architects softly illuminates tokyo wedding chapel with rainbow lighting

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obscura digital projects endangered wildlife on the empire state building

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first look inside santiago calatrava's WTC transportation hub in new york

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Outline | Brigitte Kowanz

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bernard dubois beijing boutique for nicolas andreas taralis

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gijs van vaerenbergh labyrinth-c-mine-art-centre-designboom-08

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Baker's Pool

20 July via Pinterest constructs the cosmos within inflatable infinity space

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art-documents:  Bill Culbert New Zealand announced today the launch of their website for sculptor, photographer and installation artist Bill Culbert’s exhibition as part of the New Zealand Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale.

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crooks-lovers: Carlos Malvar

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kimchi chips 483-lines-projection-nylon-string-designboom-05

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Got to be done! Check out an Our Parks scheme near you - it's all free!
13 July via Twitter Techniques-Douglas James of Mindseye Lighting describes 10 key lighting techniques for integrating into architecture
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Check out this months's Lighting Mag pg94- Douglas James, Mindseye, talks about 10 ways to integrate lighting expertly into architecture.
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03-balcony view

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Claudio Silvestrin - Spa and Wellness Centre

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