RT @LightingMag: @DJames_lighting @mindseye3d Well-deserved awards, it really is beautiful. Lm.
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RT @LightingMag: Church of St Moritz, Augsburg, Germany by John Pawson Architects. Lighting by Mindseye. https://t.co/S0HfSJtQ01 #whitespac…
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RT @DJames_lighting: @LightingMag @mindseye3d #whitespace Thanks Lighting, one of our favourites! And winner of IALD, IES and ALD mag award…
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What a single slot can do with light and the space....

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jason bruges' 'light masonry' eerily illuminates york cathedral

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jason bruges' 'light masonry' eerily illuminates york cathedral

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Casa Gilardi by Luis Barragán

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AMO total space prada

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RT @LightingMag: Read the complete article by Doug James on the 10 Key Lighting Techniques at https://t.co/nXqjugriS6 @mindseye3d https://t…
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olafur eliasson versailles

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Mirrors - Silvio Wolf Photoworks

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hitomi sato's installation recreates the shimmers of light

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Incredible Light and Shadow Art by Kumi Yamashita (13 Pictures)

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Massimo Uberti sculpts neon tubes
into a room for Bentley

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barbarito bancel architects: dior miami boutique façade

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MASAI lampada da terra e da sospensione

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Bauhaus floor lamp with counterweight BH 23

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Casa de Gandia Blasco_de Borja García Studio (6) [1600x1200]

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Nolita Trim Fluo XG2041 by Panzeri | Architonic

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citizen installation milan design week designboom

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Forest of Light installation by Sou Fujimoto for COS

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When Objects Dream exhibition by ECAL students for Milan design week 2016

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COS x sou fujimoto creates immersive forest of light during milan design week

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hippyyy . . .

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stvdy: Voll, Norway (Tore H.)

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Schietti | Impermanent Sculptures

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bruce munro illuminates australia's vast desert landscape in a field of light

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'X diamond 3/60' chandelier by stickbulb celebrates the hexagonal and octahedral forms found within nature and is on show at milan design week 2016.

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Vari lights by Esrawe Studio

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illuminated ramps canadian museum human rights antoine predock

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Rasmus Malbert - Saturn

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RT @Lux_magazine: Lighting The Cathedral: HSBC’s atrium reimagined @mindseye3d @illuminatio https://t.co/hfLVTVYQJF https://t.co/xIv3lQP5Ff
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Lines & Dots by Goula/Figuera

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Mindseye project - HSBC Hong Kong Mindseye and Illumination Physics have revamped the façade lighting at Norman Foster’s HSBC headquarters building in Hong Kong and incorporated three large media walls which can be seen from across Victoria Harbour

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Mindseye and Illumination Physics have revamped the façade lighting at Norman Foster’s HSBC HQ in Hong Kong https://t.co/8aVMxyXgHa
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MIndseye feature in Lux review online: Mindseye relights HSBC in Hong Kong https://t.co/LodROOJWK5
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Carlo Bernardini | TRIANGULATION

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punte1.png (351×846)

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Neon Golden replicates swarm of fireflies with light installation

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tait design precision mobile

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rcr_arquitectes_bodegas_bell_lloc_08 « Landscape Architecture Works | Landezine

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BlackWalls_9264 | by lichtschaffen.de

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Newport Street Gallery by Caruso St John for Damien Hirst

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Mindseye proving that they are on a tight deadline today!! http://t.co/2hu5mE12iw
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Through the Looking Glass - Adam Belt

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KSA Vienna ’09: Dessau [IMG] | Evan Chakroff

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Designjunction promotion

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Transition; Warm/Wet

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F&O Fabforgottennobility � nickelsonwooster: Pure. fiore-rosso: santiago...

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Looking forward to the Darc Award tomorrow night #darcawards... good luck to the Mindseye team for their shortlisted project Grain of Rice.
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Olafur Eliasson, Beauty, 1993, This art work is a wall of water which has a light projected onto it. In order to get the full effect of the art you have to be there and be able to move around it. The art shows how water diffracts light and shows the spectrum of colours that make up a white light. I guess the artist is trying to show the wonders of nature by recreating what would be a rainbow. It's bringing something you see only when the weather condition is perfect to a permanent state.

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